That headline says it all. For those that are unfamiliar, "hammered" is just another way of saying "sloshed", "bladdered", "smashed"or just plain drunk. Flipping through the "pubs and bars" on feecha this week we found plenty of drinking-related content, happy hours, one-for-ones, lady's nights etc etc but it's the all-you-can-drink type promo that really made us stop in our tracks and consider a re-route to the nearest bar.

Getting sloshed can cost a hefty buck in Singers especially if you aim to autopilot home that night. So these promos are really only for the hardcore budget-minded autopilots. Here are 4 we thought we'd share.

China One Liquid Buffet
Another liquid buffet of draft beer and house pours from 8pm to 10pm.
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Cocktail Buffet
Sauce Bar has a Cocktail buffet going down so come down and taste them all!
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Happy hours that make sense
This liquid buffet of draft beer and house wine is available for a good 3 hours in Clarke Quay.
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For Martini lovers
Who cares about shaken or stirred when you can have every possible combination at this free-flow offering.
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Posted over 6 years ago

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