Tiong Bahru is feecha's neighbourhood. Our office is here and has been here for a few years now. Over time we've really seen it change. We first started noticing the "trendification" of the area when a few design shops and architects' offices started moving in. It was as if a new specie of human had moved in and with their keen eye for design whipped out their trendifier and made it look the way it looks now. Little by little Tiong Bahru was transformed into a hip-zone that is effortlessly cool and true to itself. Hipsters roam the streets alongside uncles in singlets in a scene that just works. We like that it's a curious mix. It's this mix that maybe best defines Tiong Bahru for us so we've picked out 6 seemingly random places to recommend in this neighbourhood for y'all to check out.

Tiong Bahru Bar
Finally a good bar in the Tiong Bahru area with some live music. Perfect place to chillax with a heineken in one hand and some luncheon meat fries in the other.
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We like this cute little cafe that's tucked into a 'corner' of Yong Siak Road. feecha likes the ribs and the tea!
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Kisses Cupcakes
This independent homegrown bakery serves up the freshest cupcakes daily. feecha recommends!
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Unique quirky little shop - feecha reckons the world needs a little more strange.
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Drips Cafe
Mention dessert and those on a diet will immediately start figuring out a way to say "no". Drips is here to change our minds about how we think about dessert.
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Books Actually
Lovely book shop with lovely people, lovely books, lovely retro knick knacks and a lovely cat.
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Posted over 6 years ago

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