Chances are, you have already completed your Christmas shopping. If you have, then this post will not be very useful for you. If however, you are like the 90% of us out there who love procrastinating, dilly-dallying, and flip-flopping on every single thing, then you might not have gotten down to it yet. All you have might be a list of Christmas gift recipients, but no gift to show for. If that is the case, you are screwed.

You have just one more weekend to go so you better make it count. On one hand you want to get the best deals in town, but on the other hand, you want your gift to be awesome. There is no point in giving someone something they are going to open and say, “Er… thanks. I really needed this… letter opener” followed by a really awkward silence.

There really is no time to waste so here are 8 Christmas deals around Singapore that are suited for 8 different character types.

For the workaholic.
Workaholics tend to write a lot. To-do lists, masterplans, notes, schedules, timelines, projections, budgets, cheques, autographs you name it. What a workaholic really needs though (but are too busy to realise) is to pen in some downtime.
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For the fitness freak.
Fitness freaks have it tough because they train hard and they sacrifice. Luckily getting presents for them is almost as easy as not exercising! Any gadget from the running lab will likely go down well with a fitness freak.
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For the manly man.
It’s important for a man to feel manly. Rocks and flint used to cut it in the cave-man ages but nowadays it’s all about the power-tools. It’s the Toys-R-Us for guys older than 30.
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For the person that has it all.
What do you give someone that has everything already? Give them an idea. That’s what you’d be getting from The Redundant Shop. Here’s a shop that sells ideas from up-and-coming designers, craftsmen and artists.
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For the sexay.
For the uninitiated sexay is the sexy way of spelling “sexy”. The sexay would prefer to turn up the heat during Christmas by putting some extra X’s in their xxxmas with sexay presents from La Senza.
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For the noob professional.
Almost everyone knows where to shop for casual clothes but what about when it’s time for to turn pro? Well, this would be a good time to turn to the republic for help especially if you’re short on ideas for what to wear to work.
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For the unique dresser.
Think of a girl that just can’t get enough custom-made one-off bespoke edgy specialness. If anyone you know (and love enough) springs to mind, get her a pressie from the tyrwhitt general company.
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For the brand conscious.
Not many would admit to being brand conscious but you only have to look for prominent logos on their outfit to get closer to the truth. If you’re present hunting for the brand conscious it helps to pay less for the logo with a deal like this! ;)
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