Our roads in Singapore are flat out dangerous. Just look at these horrific stories we found on feecha recently… Whether you are in a car or on a motorbike or bicycle or even on foot, if you are anywhere near a road you better be on the lookout. This is because you are actually not on a road at all. You’re on a racetrack.

There are a million killing machines on wheels whizzing by being driven by racer wannabes and by mindless idiots trying to keep up. Why is this? Could it be because no one likes to lose…

Everything is a race in Singapore. The corporate rat race mentality has somehow spilled onto the roads. Everything is about winning and getting to that next traffic light seconds faster than everyone else.

That’s why driving in Singapore is remarkably similar to what you would see on a racetrack. On a racetrack, no one gives way. Tailgating happens but in the racing world, it’s called drafting. On our roads it’s more so you don’t “lose position” and not so much about aerodynamics. Indicators don’t get used in racing. People select more expensive, bigger-engined cars for the distinct advantage of faster acceleration so that they can win that mini-race to the next traffic light. Drivers of “standard” 1 point something litred cars often or even trucks MPVs and vans redline their vehicles just to keep up with the competition. Some might modify their non-performance cars by adding spoilers, body-kits, titanium exhausts and more just to appear as fast…

Well obviously it’s not a racetrack. There are no spectators. You don’t win prize money, commercial endorsements or sponsors. There is no champagne waiting for you when you reach the office your destination minutes earlier. There are no helmets or rubber tyres for you to crash softly into. No gravel to slow you down when you lose control. Only innocent pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

What we need are more losers. People who aren’t caught up in the “race”. We need people who are happy to give up their position and give way to others and to share the road in the spirit of non-competition. That way, we can save lives by simply opting out of the race that no one gives a shit about.

Motorbike crashes into lorry
The downside is that the motorcyclist had to have a cast on his neck. The upside is that it wasn’t the lorry crashing into the motorbike.
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Motorbike vs car
I really hate driving past accidents where motorbikes and cars are involved because there would almost always be someone injured. And it usually isn’t the people in the car.
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On any other day, an accident like this would have caused injuries to either the driver, passenger, or an unsuspecting pedestrian. Luckily, this was not one of those days.
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Car vs Bus
This is one of the reasons why car insurance is getting more and more expensive for everyone! Please be considerate when driving. Nobody wins when there’s an accident.
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Car in ditch
My theory is that the black car hit the silver car, causing it to spin and mount the kerb and into the drain. Luckily no one got hurt.
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Pedestrians beware
Please be extra careful when crossing the road, even if you have the right of way. Because some drivers aren’t.
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Another overturned truck
Granted it is slightly easier to overturn a truck than a car due to its higher centre of gravity and narrow tyres. But still, a lot of trucks in Singapore are driving waaaayyy too fast. Bring speed limiters back!
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Morning madness
Do you know how difficult it is to overturn a car? The answer is very. You would need a combination of speed, reckless driving, and a kerb to hit before you can send your car tumbling.
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Posted almost 8 years ago

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