Singapore is famous for quite a few things but crime isn't one of them. It's why Singapore enjoys a squeaky clean and safe image. However this week on feecha, we've spotted quite a few crime-related posts from various sources that seem to indicate that crime isn't all that rare here. The ones we see on the news are high profile so everybody knows about those but what about the petty crimes that fall below the radar? Are we seeing only the tip of the iceberg? Here are 8 Singaporean crimes that you may have missed to help you get a better picture.

Break-in crew of 2
This 2 man team have been breaking into people's houses and stealing stuff. This post by the Singapore police force helps you safeguard your house and prevent making it too easy for guys like these to do their 'job'.
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Dynamic duo number 2
Another 2 man team is being hunted down by the police for theft. This couple have since been arrested.
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Isn't that a magician's trick?
Woah some of these guys have mad skills yo.
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Don't judge a crook by it's cover
Well you can sometimes? This guy did some thieving in a wet market out of all places.
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Grandmas beware
Jewelry's best left at home if you're heading out alone. There are people out there targeting you like this young woman armed with a knife.
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Heroin plus Ice equals death
A young guy faces death for drug trafficking. Hard core...
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Whats worse?
An old man paying an underage prostitute for sex or... leaving without paying for it? or BOTH!
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What does that even mean?
This stud is being hunted down by the police for a case of "dishonest misappropriating of property".
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