So Valentine’s Day is coming up. Many questions start popping up in everyone’s mind a week or so before like "What to do for Valentines?, "Where to book dinner?”, "Where to buy flowers?”, "Do I need to get a gift?”... For the single people, the questions are still there just a lot simpler, "Do I hang out with my single friends?" or “Should I chill at home?” You’re free of romantic duty and obligation. You also won’t be "preyed on” but more on that a bit later...

For those that are attached, you do have someone to impress and that could be why you’re here on this page reading this post, idea-hunting. Valentine’s Day is a marketer’s dream, a way to jack up the prices for a non-official celebration in the name of love. It’s a con. One that has persisted through centuries of social proofing that for only one day in the year, you should treat your significant other extra special. For this one day, marketers have you by the scruff of your neck (and your partner’s too) and you will likely fall prey to their savvy tactics. Marketers understand that on Valentines Day, the market becomes a seller’s market and you (the buyer) are left with little choice but to submit. Not good but at least you are not alone. You and everyone else out there in Couple-Land are in this together.

That’s why when Valentines day is upon us, everywhere you go will be riddled with couples who have the exact same idea. They've all been conned into spending more money than usual on products and services that make for great marketing. Not romance. Flowers that usually cost 3 dollars each have suddenly quadrupled overnight spurred by a sudden rise in demand.

Personally, I don’t buy into this V Day bull excrement and you don’t have to too. Don’t fall for the marketer’s trick. Don’t be a buyer in a seller’s market. You can still celebrate love on this day by finding things to do in Singapore with your loved one that are sweet, thoughtful and romantic without turning a profit for someone.

History always repeats itself
If you believe that, you should head down to the National Museum. You might find inspiration after looking at all those old artefacts.
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Swamp thing
A great place to get photographs of wildlife, and bring out the animal in you.
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The Singapore countryside
Go see it before urbanisation takes over everything. It’s relatively big, so you might want to wear comfortable shoes for this.
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All things Asian
Cultural artefacts combine to showcase your roots. So even if you are Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc you’ll find your roots.
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2nd Highest mountain in SG
The slightly steep slope up this “mountain” is well worth it. You can bask in nature and gaze at the city scape.
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One huge ass garden
The paths along the tree-line make you feel like a monkey hanging on a tree, looking down upon the forest below. But it’s quite well-lit, so no monkey business please.
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