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feecha is about helping people find stories about a location. So if you wrote about artwork at the Orange Thimble, a gallery disguised as a café in Tiong Bahru, people living in Tiong Bahru will see that story. This is a unique way for people to discover your website or blog; and a great way for you to reach new audiences.

feecha is still in beta so we are not yet monetizing feecha. We do have a plan and that plan includes sharing revenue with you, the publisher. We will reach out to you once that’s ready. In the meantime, if you would like to proactively register your interest with us, please email publishers@feecha.com.

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and would like to submit your website or blog for consideration in feecha, email us at apply@feecha.com.

We are looking for good copy, great photos and solid location information. The more location-specific your content (for example, if stories include postal codes or street addresses), the better it fits. We don’t care how many unique visitors you have, we only care that you create awesome content.